Daybreak And A New Day

Eleanor Powell

Daybreak is at its beginning, a new day and whate'er it brings along.

Night is falling away quickly; birds will soon be singing their song.

You spread the cool air around us, as we turned the heat down low.

Your great and powerful arms put the warmth where it should go.

How quiet it seems as we prepare to worship You today.

You the mighty God, Who made us and carried us all the way.

Our treasures are not down here on earth, we are only passing through,

The treasures are above us, beyond the skies of blue.

Sometimes, Dear God, my courage weakens, as the day falls into night,

Then my Savior’s love surrounds me and smoothes away the fright.

Jesus faced the cross alone, not one sin He ever bore.

With our burdens on His back, on His dear head our thorns He wore.

With blood draining from His body, they beat Him almost till the end, 

Laid Him on the heavy cross, and His life He did not defend.

They drove the long nails through His hands, one long nail through His tender feet,

They lifted the cross above them; they heard His voice cry out so sweet.

“Father, please forgive them, for they know not what they do,”

For he was dying for His Father, and He was bleeding for me and you.

He said “I thirst”; they offered a sponge with vinegar to drink,

As blood poured from His body, His life began to sink.

He then cried, “God, why have You forsaken me?”

He loved us till the very last, for all the world to see.

He then cried, “It is finished!” They shoved a spear into His tender side,

But, my friend, He knew even though He’d died for us, He would once more abide.

The angels rolled the stone away, and Jesus lives forever more.

If we’ll do His perfect will, He will carry us to that golden shore.

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