Green Box

Albert E. Farley

Our visit with the Weirton Heights church of Christ was a joy. The congregation put forth an outstanding effort in hosting an excellent lectureship. It was successful, I think, in every way. From the first, it was evident that much planning, preparation, and prayer had gone into it. It was well organized and was conducted with a warmth and hospitality that would be hard to excel, anywhere. We are indebted to the congregation: to the elders who oversaw the work, to Steve and Tom for directing it in a fine way, and to the deacons and to all of the members who worked so hard to make their plans a reality. The speakers presented lessons that were outstanding – each day matched the previous one.

During the lectures, Terry Jones announced that, the Lord willing, the Pennsboro church of Christ will host the 2011 lectures September 25-28, on the theme “Oh, How I Love Your Law! – A Study of Psalm 119.”

We have enjoyed putting this issue of the paper together, but it has been somewhat hectic. Computer software problems have not helped! (Working from three different computers is time consuming.) However, with the help of God, we have been successful in completing our 215th issue. We delayed this issue one week in order to be able to include a review of our 11th lectureship. Read Steve’s report (with pictures) on page three.

Interest in the paper continues to be seen in personal comments, emails, telephone calls, and letters. Whatever success we have enjoyed is due to our writers and our readers. Our circulation last month was 2,803 copies (plus a 150-copy special order). I thank you all. –Albert.

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