2010 West Virginia Christian Lectures

Steve Smithbauer

The West Virginia Christian Lectureship for 2010 is now history. This was our first attempt at hosting the lectures and it was a hectic, (At times it might even be described as frantic!), but a very rewarding experience for all of us here at Weirton Heights. There could be no greater theme than the one chosen, based upon the text of 1 Peter 3:15 — Prepare to Answer: A Defense of the Christian’s Faith. All of the speakers did an excellent job of presenting their material on the subjects assigned to them, and we were able to make available most of the manuscripts in Word document format on the data CD handed out at the lectures. (Incidentally, there are several of these data CDs left over if anyone is interested in obtaining a copy. Just write us at the Weirton Heights Church of Christ, 3169 Pennsylvania Avenue, Weirton, WV 26062, and we will be happy to send them to you free of charge.)

According to our records, during the week we had over 385 in overall attendance from 51 congregations of the Lords church and 3 denominations. Seven states were represented at the lectures, and at least 36 preachers of the brotherhood were in attendance.

On behalf of my associate minister, Tom Derby, and me, along with the entire congregation here at Weirton Heights, we would like to thank everyone who came to speak, or to hear the Word of God, and every one of our members who had a part in organizing, planning, mailing, cooking, cleaning up, etc. They are too numerous to name for fear we might miss one. We would also like to thank brother Farley for the fine work he does in publishing the WV Christian newspaper and for initiating the WVC Lectures some eleven years ago. It was a joy to have brethren like Albert and his wife Nancy in our midst during their brief stay in Weirton, and we bid them Godspeed.

We look forward to next year when the lectures will be at Pennsboro, and to the time when we, again, will host the WVC Lectures. For the Weirton Heights Church of Christ, Steve Smithbauer. -3169 Pennsylvania Ave., Weirton, WV 26062. www.whchurchofchrist.com ssmithbauer@hotmail.com

Data That Was Collected from the 

2010 West Virginia Christian Lectures at Weirton Heights

by Darlene McKinley

People that were at the lectures 385; Preachers we counted at the lectures 36; States represented 7; Congregations represented 51; Other faiths represented 3; Attendance Sunday 242; Attendance Monday 145; Attendance Tuesday 154; Attendance Wednesday 179; Individuals from the home congregation who attended 253. We tried our best to capture as much as we could, but, due to human error, we may have overlooked someone, and for this we truly are sorry. Prayerfully we will improve for our next lectures.

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