My Rock Forever More

Eleanor Powell

Jesus waits to meet us 

by that everlasting shore.

Jesus is our Saviour

and our Friend forever more.

What would we do without Him?

Where would we go from here?

Who would we go to talk to,

to take away our fears?

He’s the answer to our prayers.

He hears our every plea.

When our hope is sinking low,

Jesus sets us free.

He can bring the rainbow,

the sunshine, and the rain.

Jesus stops our sorrow,

and frees us from our pain.

He’s the great Redemption,

knocking on our door.

Jesus has set us all free

and waits by Heaven’s shore.

Jesus is our Power and Strength

His blessings on us pour,

He is our Saviour and our Friend,

My Rock Forever More!

-2220 Wallace Pike, Lumberport, WV 26386.

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