Happy 105th Birthday!

Jerry & Sandra Alderson

 Sister Alta Wayman, of the Park Avenue congregation in Charleston, had her 105th birthday on Sunday, July 24th!

 Sister Alta has been a Christian for 88 years and a part of the Park Avenue family for 46 years. She has been unable to assemble the past few years.

 She was born July 24, 1906, the daughter of John and Viola Ferrebee. She grew up at the Eight-Mile Ridge congregation in Wetzel County. Her grandparents, Frederich and Rhoda Fox, were instrumental in the planting of the congregation at Eight-Mile Ridge. Her father, John Edward, was an evangelist for the church and travelled with Lemon Dotson. She was baptized on the first Sunday in July 1923 by Lemon Dotson, who was holding a meeting at Eight-Mile Ridge. She said they had to go to Reader, to a fishing creek, for baptisms. She was a member of the church of Christ in Clarksburg before moving to Charleston. She received her AB degree from West Liberty in 1934 and her Master’s degree from WVU in 1958. She taught high school math for many years, first in Wetzel County, then in Harrison and Kanawha Counties.

 Sister Alta has been blind for a little over ten years and has become very hard of hearing the past few. However, she has a sharp memory and has always been a kind, caring, generous part of God’s family.

 If you would like to send sister Wayman a card or letter, her address is, 699 South Park Road, Charleston, WV 25304.

(Editor’s note: We are thankful to Jerry and Sandra Alderson and to Brenda Dierkes for writing and sharing the above information.)

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