Thank You Lord

Margie Whittaker


I woke up this morning, got out of bed,

I looked all around, then bowed my head.

I said, "Thank you Lord for the good night's rest,"

I went about my day, knowing I was blessed.


I walked to my back door, looked up at the sky,

I saw a flock of birds, as they flew by.

I saw two squirrels, playing by the trees,

The beautiful flowers were blowing softly in the gentle breeze.


I remembered back to when I was but a child,

My Mom and Dad were looking at me with a beautiful smile.

They told me about God, and His son Jesus, you see,

And how He went to the cross, near the beautiful Garden of Gethsemane.


I really enjoyed hearing about God and His Son and the old, old story,

Because one day, I will live with both of them in glory,

Thank you God, for all you have done,

I especially thank you for your Son.

(Editor’s note:  Sister Whittaker is 82 years old and has always enjoyed writing poems.  She is a member of the Central church of Christ, Martinsburg, WV.  She has also written a religious song.)

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