Green Box

Albert E. Farley

 We are thankful to God to bring the 18th year of publishing the West Virginia Christian to a close. We began 2011 with a circulation of 2,829 and our circulation last month was 2,786 – a drop of 43. We do not have our December figures yet. This may be the first year in our 18 years of publication that we have failed to see an increase from the beginning of the year to the end.

 I am sure there are different factors that affect our circulation from month-to-month (economy, etc.). I pray that this decrease is not the result of the mistakes and shortcomings of my editorial efforts. I believe one definite factor is the growing disinterest among many people – both in and out of the church – in reading sound, faithful lessons based upon God’s Holy Word, the Bible. I believe some of our individual and congregational cancelations this year were linked with the uncompromising stand we have determined to take in preaching all – the whole – counsel of God.

 There is a price to be paid in living the faithful Christian life. This is also true in faithfully preaching, teaching, and in printing the gospel of Christ. We are not immune to the worldwide opposition to the truth, but we are determined to preach the truth in love.

 We are not discouraged in our work. This is a labor of love, being accomplished through the wonderful grace of God, by many faithful Christian writers, readers, congregations, and individuals. Our volunteer workers are unsurpassed in their abilities and dependability! Our funds are adequate to pay for our operating expenses. Our modest subscription costs have never increased. We accept no salary nor use any monies for personal uses. By God’s provision, the original investment we put into this work has been approximately maintained through 18 years.

 We look forward to the future. Thank you for all of your prayers and goodwill. Please help us by placing the paper into the hands of new readers. May God be glorified by any good we may be able to accomplish. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” -Albert.

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