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Albert E. Farley

WESTON, WV 26452 – I continue to enjoy each issue of your good paper. After more than ninety-two years of life, many of them preaching the gospel and the last twenty-seven at Weston, West Virginia, I have decided to retire. I expect to move early in January, 2011. If the Lord wills, my address will be: 325 Taylor Dr., Lexington, KY 40511-2167. My cell phone number is 859 494-1073. –Roy Pratt, 807 Camden Ave.

NEW CUMBERLAND, WV 26047 – Please renew our subscription for another year. My husband and I enjoy every article. Keep up the good work and have a Happy New Year 2011. Sincerely, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Toothman, 1022 Ross Rd.

VIENNA, WV 26105 – The Warren Christian Apologetics Center has announced a free four week seminar series, entitled, “In God We Trust,” to be conducted March 17, 24, 31, and April 7 at the Dewey Avenue Church of Christ building in St. Marys, WV. Keynote and Seminar speakers include, Charles C. Pugh, III, T. Bart Warren, Glenn Hawkins, Greg Tidwell, Charles Aebi, W. Terry Varner, Andrew J. Robison, IV, and Dan Kessinger. For more information and pre-registration call 1.877.350.9222 or visit:

ELMO, TX 75118 – My wife and I enjoy the Script-O-Crypt puzzles put in your paper … Does she get these from a book? Could we buy such a book? … I retired from Travel Centers of America (TA) October 3. I am still preaching at Ables Springs … In Christian love, Paul & Dorothy Wagner, P.O. Box 123. (Editor’s note: The Script-O-Crypt puzzles are original puzzles which began with our very first sample issue, published in the summer of 1993. Grace Brewer was the original composer. She died in the Lord January 18, 1996. Her last puzzle was printed in the June 1996 issue and Nancy Farley then began writing them. The publication of a book of Script-O-Crypt puzzles is an interesting future possibility.)

ALLEGANY, NY 14706-9416 – … We haven’t been able to get to lectureships, but have sent for CD’s and enjoy them. Thanks for all the work you put into WVC paper. We both read it through as soon as it arrives. – Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Pfaff, 3655 Buffalo Rd.

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