Because Of You, I Learned

Eleanor Powell

Through another’s eyes, I looked at myself 

and began to understand and see,

I was the one who was selfish and wrong, 

only thinking of me.

I put myself in Your place

and saw the burdens You bore.

No matter how I had suffered, 

You suffered so much more.

I looked deeper into the love You gave, 

and saw the One I had spurned.

Because of You I’m different today; 

Because of you, I learned.

So humble are You and so giving; 

so proud, so taking, was I,

But You lived and died on Calvary for us, 

Yes, for us, You went there to die.

Who are we to drown in pity? 

Our King died in shame, hanging high.

I must put myself behind me, 

Put the angry words away,

Give my coat to some poor stranger, 

and forget my yesterday.

When I came face-to-face with Jesus, 

I saw myself and turned.

I said, “Dear God, I’m different now,

Because of You, I learned.”

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