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Albert E. Farley

2011 West Virginia Christian Lectureship

 I pray that many of our readers are planning to attend the 2010 lectures at the Pennsboro church of Christ, September 25-28. The lectureship is entirely under the oversight of the Pennsboro eldership. Terry Jones is the lectureship director. They have planned and are preparing for a wonderful series of lectures based on Psalm 119. Their theme will be, “Oh, How I Love Your Law!” They have selected their topics and speakers. Contact them for further information. P.O. Box 644, Pennsboro, WV 26415. 304-659-2542.

ALMA, WV 26320 – We pray the seeds you are sowing take root and grow in honest and open hearts. Please renew our subscription. Thank you. Sincerely, Chuck and Bobbie Beagle, HCR 74 Box 38.

Mission Opportunity

 Dear brethren, I know mission budgets are tight right now, but I wanted to make known to you a great opportunity to help the cause of Christ in Costa Rica. The small church in Buenos Aires, Costa Rica has been given the opportunity to buy radio time on a local, much-listened-to station. For only $70.00 per/month they can buy a half-hour program every Thursday and Friday (8 programs per month), and get 5 daily announcements of church activities (150 per month). This price will be good for the remainder of 2011. If you have ever checked into the cost of radio time in the U.S. you know that this is an unbelievable price by our standards, but is still beyond the means of the local Costa Rican brethren. They are already doing a TV program that is paid for by a sister in the U.S. The preacher in Buenos Aires is brother Daniel Chavez Mora. I have worked in two different campaigns with Daniel, and know him to be a faithful gospel preacher who works hard in the cause of the Lord. He and his good family are well-respected among the churches in Costa Rica. If your congregation (or you personally) could help provide part or all of this support, please let me know. Please contact me if you have any questions. Thanks for your consideration of this. –Phil Grear.

STOCKPORT, OH 43787-9315 – Thank you for the work you do to make known to so many the “good news” of the gospel … Continue to proclaim the Word of the Lord throughout all the region. In Christian Love, Paul Hickerson. 545 S. Elliott Rd.

WILEYVILLE, WV 26581-7402 – Enclosed is our renewal fee of $10.00 for another year. We certainly enjoy this wonderful paper with all of its great articles … I’m also enclosing the fee of $8.00 and request that you mail it to our son … -Ronnie and Sharon Dulaney, HC 61 Box 33B.

WASHINGTON COURT HOUSE, OH 43160 – Please note change of address … Enclosed is my 2-year subscription. We now have a new preacher, John O’Dell from Mt. Vernon, Ohio. He is 27 years old and we are excited to have him … -Myrtle Troute, 99 Summit Lane, Apt 103.

AVON, OH 44011 - … You, Nancy, and your congregation do a great job publishing the West Virginia journal! The lessons are inspiring to all of us that read and study them. Keep the good work going. My love to all of you … -Delphine Pittman, 1960 Buckingham Dr. 

(Editor’s note: My Aunt Delphine is my mother’s sister and, at 82 years young, is the best encourager any gospel preacher could ever want. She is a member of the Lorain church of Christ where Bob Eddy is the preacher.)

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