Guyana Mission Trip Report: February 2011

Paul Hickerson

LOCATION – Kwakwani Church of Christ, Kwakwani, Guyana, South America.


DATES- February 3-16, 2011.

MISSION TEAM – David and Jean Newberry, Charlie and Robin Cramlet, Paul and Carolyn


THEME – Building on the Rock–Jesus the Christ. Matthew 7:24-27.

MEN’S CLASS – Morning classes for the men of the congregation. (Feb. 7-11) Topic – Organization of the Lord’s Church – Average attendance – 10. Teachers – Charlie Cramlet and Paul Hickerson.

WOMEN’S CLASS – Morning classes for the women of the congregation. (Feb. 7-11) Topic – Sexual Purity, Role of women in the church, Biblical women studies. Average attendance – 25+. Teachers – Jean Newberry, Carolyn Hickerson, and Robin Cramlet.

PERSONAL BIBLE STUDIES – Conducted daily by Norbert Thomas (minister of the Kwakwani Congregation), Floyd Cato (Guyanese minister for Industry congregation), David Newberry, and Rocky Navindra Ramdeen (School of preaching student Georgetown).

WORSHIP SERVICES – Preaching by David Newberry on the theme “Building on the Rock.” The mission team assisted in teaching the Bible classes with the Guyanese brethren.

COMMUNITY BIBLE STUDIES – Each weeknight, we conducted Bible studies at the homes of three members – Jerome and Muriel John, Frederwick and Rosetti Patoir, and Sister Arlene DeHaan. The lesson topics were “Getting to know the God of the Bible,” “The Son of God,” “The Great Salvation,” “The Body of Christ,” “Building a Relationship with God,” and “Building upon the Rock.”

BAPTISMS – We were blessed with seven baptisms during the campaign. Studies with others are continuing by the Guyanese brethren.

ASSISTANCE – Several water filters were purchased and given to members of the congregation and to several service organizations (police department; hospital; day care center; high school dormitory; utility department; TV station; and others).

COORDINATING CONGREGATION – Lubeck Church of Christ, Washington, West Virginia. – 545 W. Elliott Rd., Stockport, OH 43787-9315.

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