A Real Man

Warren F. Kenney

Just what, pray tell, is a real man? As with so many things, our world has a distorted view of what a real man is.

A real man does not necessarily have a great physique, but he will have great strength of character.

The greatness of his manhood is not measured by how he uses his fists to humiliate others, but by how he uses his hands to lift others up.

His manhood is not determined by his prowess among women, but by his willingness to quietly love one woman for a lifetime.

The realness of his manhood may not be seen in his ability to lift hundreds of pounds of iron, but by his desire to help you lift whatever weighs you down.

The real man will not be seen in his ability to strike fear in the hearts of others, but by his willingness to stoop down and tousle the hair of a child.

He will not rumble and roar like the storms of summer, but he will steady you through the storms of life.

He will not brag about what he has done, but he will look for more that he can do.

People may not sing his praises, but they will beat a path to his door to listen to what he has to say.

I may never climb a mountain, swim a river, or walk upon the surface of the moon. Those things do not matter in the end. I do hope that, above everything else, I can accomplish just one thing. I want to be just a real man. -90 Waverly Ct., Martinsburg, WV 25401.

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