God's Pathway

Eleanor Powell

It’s a long and trusting journey

It leads us to that place

Where our troubles all will vanish

And we’ll see our Saviour’s face.

We will keep on moving onward

Staying in the path of light

And we’ll sing our praise to Jesus

Who’s so precious in our sight.

Our God has a mighty arm.

He protects us on the road

If our burdens get too heavy

He will take away our load.

As we move along and follow

Our sweet Saviour day-by-day.

He will lead us in the bright

And righteous Holy way.

Jesus is our Saviour

And He covers us with love.

Our Father watches over us

From Heaven up above.

We will keep on trusting

In our Saviour every day.

And we’ll keep on traveling 

This Road of God’s Pathway.

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