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Albert E Farley

FAIRVIEW, WV 26570-9205 – The church at Daybrook is in need of a preacher, full or part time. Aaron Snider left, leaving a position to fill. His leaving was of his own decision so there is no division, no “sides” taken. I say this so any applicant will not think the worst. There is a house that goes with the work. Daybrook seems to be the place to start, especially if you are just starting! Anyone interested can contact me by email or phone. 304 798-3242. - (Okey) Ervin Simmons, 405 Blue Goose Road.

7006 PHILIPPINES – Dear brother Albert E. Farley, I respectfully and humbly write to you to request your good office to please renew my subscription because it will expire on January 11, 2012. Please brethren of the West Virginia Christian.

 I am also requesting to the brethren who have the opportunity to please extend funds to support my mission work in evangelizing and discipling souls for Christ. I need $100.00 monthly. Any individual or congregation who can help is highly appreciated.

 I need your financial assistance very much.

 My dear brethren, I’m seeking for someone or individual who is kindhearted brother or a mission-minded church who has the opportunity to become my partner in spreading the gospel in our country.

 My son Jether and I was able to establish a new congregation in Bagong Silang, six kilometers away from my home. Last month, we have 12 new members. There were some visitors attended also. The place is mountainous.

 December 21-23, my wife Lita, I, and my two sons, Jether and Jesse, Jr., attended the Christian Singing Fellowship in Pagadian City. There were 16 different congregations attended.

 On December 25, we have also Christian Fellowship and Thanksgiving at Balagon congregation.

 Brother Farley, continue your good work for the Lord.

 I hope for your immediate action on this request. Please help me to find brethren who can answer or support my mission work and willing to be my partner in the Lord’s work.

 Thank you so much brother. Your brother in Christ, Jesse C. Duque, Sr., Camango, Siay, Zamboanga Sibugay, 7006 Philippines.

ST MARYS, WV 26107 – The Dewey Avenue church of Christ will host a free four-week Seminar series presented by Warren Christian Apologetics Center, Thursday evenings, March 15-April 5, 7:00 – 8:30 PM. March 15: The Higher Law in Civilization – Glenn Hawkins; How Evolution Destroys Culture – Dan Kessinger; March 22: The Bible and the Presidency – W. Terry Varner; God, Congress, and the Courts – Andrew Robison IV; March 29: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made – Gary Petty; Philosophy, Science, and the Big Questions – Dick Sztanyo; April 5: The Family and the Future of America – Terry Jones; Apologetics and the Restoration of Hope for a Nation – Charles C. Pugh III. For more information call 1 877 350-9222 or visit

CASTLE ROCK, CO 80104 – Thank you for the good work you are doing for the Lord in West Virginia. Hopefully, with time I will send you an article or two. Presently, I am writing for the Rocky Mountain Christian and the Gospel Advocate. Matthew Morine, 2247 Fifth St.

GREENWOOD, SC 29649-2309 - … Albert I have been a full-time minister for 31 years now. Most of my friends are gone … I will be 85 my next birthday and I feel like 40. The Lord has been good to all of us … Love to All, Everett Ward, 1715 E. Durst Ave.

SMITHFIELD, WV 26437 – … The church at Pricetown completed the year of 2011 with a baptism on the last Sunday – which made a total of 9 for the year … Yours in Christ, Leroy Burdine, PO Box 59.

ALLEGANY NY 14706-9416 - … Keep up the good work. It is urgently needed. God will continue to bless it, I believe … About 22 members (from NY and PA congregations) have started a new congregation in Frewsburg, NY. Please keep this effort in your prayers. –Kurt Pfaff, 3655 Buffalo Rd.

CLOVIS, NM 88102 - … We continue to enjoy the West Virginia Christian and appreciate your good work … We now have a very good young preacher from Bear Valley School of Preaching. It’s so refreshing and uplifting … - Lucille McBride, PO Box 2075. (Editor’s note: Sister McBride is the daughter of Dennis and Wilma Moss, who are deceased. She is gathering and writing about the life of her parents as they labored in the Lord’s vineyard of many, many years. If we are able to gather enough information, we continue to hope to publish it in book form for the edification and enjoyment of our brotherhood. If you have information you wish to share, please send it to us.)

FAIRMONT, WV 26554 – As some of you may already know, we at Oakwood Road have been involved in various missions in Costa Rica for eleven years. Included in the preachers and works we have supported is brother Alvaro Chavez and his wife Novali. Alvaro preaches for the Jardines congregation in Alajuela. A church in Arkansas has been phasing out its support of Alvaro over a five year period. He originally received $800 per month from this congregation. Three years ago the church began cutting back on his support twenty percent per year. Starting in January 2012 he is only receiving $320 per month. Next year that number will be reduced to $160 per month with the support completely being dropped in 2014. We have been partially supporting Alvaro for eleven years for $200 per month. During the last few years we have tried to help Alvaro and Novali with some specific needs and bills which they had. This help has approximately made up for the difference in the support they have lost. In December we sent $1500 to them. Included in this was over $500 which the Bridgeport church of Christ had graciously given. We are asking that if you can help in any way (either a monthly commitment or a one-time donation) it would be appreciated. Alvaro is a sound preacher and a hard worker. If you have any questions feel free to contact us. Brotherly, Brent Gallagher, 1 Oakwood Road. 304 363-1239.

WASHINGTON, WV 26181-9358 – I am writing to request your assistance for upcoming mission trip to Guyana, South America. In February 2012 my wife, Jean, and I have the opportunity to work with the church in Kwakwani, Guyana for two weeks. We will accompany a group of five workers from the States and be joined by five of our Guyanese brethren. Our teaching will focus on leadership training for the men and spiritual development for the women. We will also conduct nightly neighborhood Bible studies developing the theme: “Jesus Is the Only Way.” In July of this year our Campaigns resulted in 11 being added to the Lord’s body. … The cost of this trip will be $2400 each, or a total of $4800. The church at Lubeck, which oversees this work, is providing half of that amount, leaving the need to raise $2400 … Any funds should be sent to: Lubeck Church of Christ, 23 Meldahl Rd., Washington, WV 26181. If you have any questions about our plans or about this work, please phone me at 304 863-3825. –David Newberry, 1 Stonegate Dr.

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