Intelligent Design?

Gene H. Miller

My Computer. My computer is getting old and short on memory. Like myself, it takes much longer to accomplish the tasks I call upon it to perform. I am going to have to replace it soon with a newer model. I guess that is what happens to things that spring into existence on their own. Perhaps if someone had designed it, it would still be as good as new, and operate at the peak of perfection.

My Subaru. My Subaru still runs pretty well, and I have had very little trouble with it. It has taken me well over 100,000 miles, but it has a few dents and scratches, and I have had to replace the battery and tires a few times. I guess that is to be expected with something that was the result of an explosion in a machine shop a few years ago. Perhaps if it had been the product of an intelligent designer, it would still be as good as new. The tires would never wear out, and dents and scratches would never mar its finish.

My Copy Machine. Back in the “good old days” when the overhead projector was still in vogue, I was learning to make my transparencies on the computer. I had everything the way I wanted, put a transparency in the copy machine, and hit the print button. The transparency did not come out, but it gummed up my copy machine, instead. Nobody told me you had to use a special kind of transparency. I guess that is what happens when your machine evolves from inferior machines. Perhaps if my copier had been designed by a higher intelligence, they could have built a machine that would prevent something like that from happening.

Common Sense. How much of this are you buying? Common sense tells us that computers, automobiles, and copy machines are all designed and built by someone, and that such things grow old and wear out with time. Sometimes our machines are short-lived because of improper use on our part. 


Beauty And Perfection. There were beauty and perfection in the Garden of Eden. There were no death, no disease, and no decay. As long as they had access to the tree of life, Adam and Eve could have continued to live and enjoy beauty and harmony. All that changed because sin entered.

Under A Curse. Sorrow and pain were part of the curse brought about by Eve. Toil, suffering, and death were part of the curse brought by Adam. A curse was even brought upon the earth by their sin. “Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth unto thee …. (Genesis 3:18). … The universe we live in is not the universe God created.

Still Much Beauty. In spite of the curse, there is still so much beauty in the world around us: birds, flowers, trees, mountains, rainbows, sunsets, etc. Look into the heavens on a clear night and tell me that is the result of an explosion. Just because I do not understand God, does not mean He does not exist. His thoughts and ways are so much higher than mine. (Isaiah 55:8). -3281 Rosedale Road, Shock, WV 26638-8410. 304 462-0384, 


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