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Institutional church membership is declining. People are turning away from the established churches in great numbers. Why?

In many churches, people went to hear a message from God's word but only heard the Bible discredited and ridiculed.

They went to worship the Lord and the preacher told them God was dead.

They went to learn of Christ, to be saved. They heard him dethroned by teachers who denied his virgin birth, his miracles, his resurrection, his divinity.

They went seeking communion with God and food for their souls, but heard a harangue on politics and social problems.

They took their children to learn God's rules for right living. They were given lectures endorsing situation ethics and civil disobedience. Homosexuality and free love were extolled. The forces of law and order were castigated.

They gave their gifts to God to care for the needy and evangelize the world for Christ. The money was given to radical militants and to political lobbies. It provided worldly, sinful entertainment for their young.

They sought to sing praises unto God, but were forced to listen to the blare of a "spiritual jazz concert."

Does some or all of this sound familiar? Are you going to church more but enjoying it less? What would you give to worship as the first Christians did? You can, you know. There is a group of dedicated Christians near you practicing First Century Christianity. They are a church you can read of in your Bible. They have rejected the corruptions we have referred to. They honor the Bible as God's Holy Word. It is their only guide.

Who are these people? They are the "churches of Christ" (Romans 16:16).

To introduce you to this church and inform you of her beliefs and practices, we have prepared this collection of lessons. We hope you will find time to carefully read each one through checking the Biblical citations.

After you have read the book, do you have other Bible questions for which you seek answers? If so, write us. A carefully researched and Biblically documented answer will be sent. Would you like to enroll in a free Bible Correspondence Course to further develop your knowledge? Such is available at your request.

Would you want to become a Christian as were Paul, Peter and others of the New Testament? We will be pleased to put you in touch with a non-denominational Christian who will gladly assist you in completing your submission to Jesus by immersing you for forgiveness of sins.

If you would like to worship with a group of New Testament Christians, we will advise you of the church nearest you. If one is not available, we will send you further instructions on how to start a Bible church in your home.

Write us in care of the publisher.

It is our prayer that this book will help you to understand God's will for your life more clearly and will inspire you to follow his precious Son, Jesus.

The Editor


[Note - This introduction is taken directly from the book. Rather than writing in care of the publisher, feel free, if you choose, to direct questions, comments, etc. via e-mail to admin@TheBible.net]


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