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Why I Am a Member of The Church of Christ
by Bill Cantrell
  1. What the Church is not
  2. What the Church of Christ is
  3. Because of its Builder
  4. Because of its foundation
  5. Becayse of the place it was founded
  6. Because of the scriptural time it was founded
  7. Because Jesus built only one Church
  8. Because it is scriptural in name
  9. Because it is scriptural in organization
  10. Because the Bible is its only creed
  11. Because it believes all the Bible is the inspired Word of God
  12. Because it believes the Bible should be rightly divided
  13. Because it is undenominational
  14. Because it is scriptural in doing mission work
  15. Because it teaches that the Kingdom has been established and Christ is now reigning
  16. Because it gives scriptural answers to the question "What must I do to be saved?"
  17. Because it teaches the scriptural doctrine of salvation by faith
  18. Because it teaches salvation by the blood of Christ
  19. Because it teaches that conversation requires a change of heart
  20. Because of its teaching and practice regarding prayer
  21. Because it is scriptrual in what it teaches about baptism
  22. Because it teaches that a child of God can so sin as to be eternally lost
  23. Because it teaches that infants are born pure and innocent rather than depraved
  24. Because it teaches that miraculous manifestations of the Holy Spirit have ceased
  25. Because it is scriptural in its teaching an observance of the Lord's Supper
  26. Because it is scriptural in the music it uses in worship to God

About the author/About the lessons

This introduction is inserted to give the reader a little information about how these lessons originated. These lessons were developed for the Sunday morning class at the East Huntsville Church of Christ, by William (Bill) Cantrell. Bill is the Minister at the East Huntsville Church of Christ located at 801 Humes Avenue NE, Huntsville, Alabama.

The book Why I Am A Member of the Church of Christ by Leroy Brownlow was consulted during the preparation of these lessons. These lessons were taped live in the classroom, with questions and comments being made during the class.

The lessons are numbered from 1-26 for a total of 26 lessons. They are complete with Bible passages inserted (King James Version). There are approximately 322 pages of the printed material.

This material is used with the permission of the author. If you have questions about this material, contact the author at The East Huntsville Church of Christ.

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