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Introducing The Church of Christ
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Part One

1. Predicted By The Prophets, by Leroy Durley

2. Founded By Jesus and On Him, by Hugh Fulford

3. But One True Church of Christ, by Dale Larsen

4. Not A Denomination, by Wendell Winkler

5. Jesus Is The Only Head, by Howard Winters

6. Described By Many Figures, by Maxie Boren

7. The New Testament Is Only Standard of Authority, by E. Claude Gardner

8. Old Testament For Her Learning, But Not Her Law, by William Woodson

9. Worships In Song, by James Tolle

10. Lays-By-In-Store, by James Pilgrim

11. Communes As Christ Ordained, by David Hanson

12. Follows Biblical Pattern in Prayer, Alvin Jennings

13. Preaching Is Biblical, by Richard Powlus


Part Two

14. Self-Governing Under Christ, by Wallace Alexander

15. Overseen by Biblical Elders, by Rex Turner

16. Deacons Serve The Church, by Ben Flatt

17. Preachers in the Church, by A. K. Gardner

18. Wears Only Biblical Names, by B. J. Barr

19. Evangelizing the World for Christ, by Jerry Dyer

20. God's Benevolent Hand, by Charles Williams

21. Teaches New Testament Plan of Salvation, by Joe Barnett

22. The Practice of Baptism, by Dub McClish

23. Adults are Subjects of Baptism, by Bobby Duncan

24. Role of Women in the Church, by James O. Baird

25. Upholds Godly Living, by Dan Jenkins

26. Honors God's Teaching on Marriage and Divorce, by Wayne Jackson


Part Three

27. The Scriptures are Her Discipline, by B. C. Carr

28. Worships On The Lord's Day, by Roy Lanier, Jr.

29. Seeks to Restore Original Church, by John Waddey

30. Urges All to Unity Upon the Lord, by Mack Craig

31. Fellowship for All in Christ, by Jim Massey

32. Forfeit Salvation by Turning From Christ, by George DeHoff

33. The Holy Spirit in Life of Christian, by John Waddey

34. Miracles of Bible Times No Longer Available, by Claude Guild

35. Salvation to Whosoever Will Accept, by Clarence DeLoach

36. The Nature of Man, by Robert Taylor

37. Doctrine of the Godhead, by Ray Hawk

38. Future Punishment of Wicked, by Albert Gardner

39. Priesthood of All Believers, by Hulen Jackson


Part Four

40. Rejects Outer Forms of Ritualism, by Bill Nicks

41. Give to God and to Caesar, by Bill Burchett

42. A Virgin Born Savior, by Rubel Shelly

43. The Deity of Christ, by Hugo McCord

44. An Inspired Bible, by Arlie Hoover

45. Saved by Blood of Jesus, by Basil Overton

46. God's Kingdom Established on Pentecost 33 AD by M. H. Tucker

47. Salvation by Faith, But Not by Faith Only, by Batsell Barrett Baxter

48. Church Essential to Salvation, by Doyle Crawford

49. Tradition of Men Not Accepted, by J. A. McNutt

50. Anxiously Awaits Return of Jesus, by Guy Caskey

51. Bodily Resurrection of the Just and the Unjust, by Clayton Winters

52. Heaven for the Righteous, Hell for the Wicked, by Reuel Lemmons


Paul, though an inspired apostle, was subjected to intense scrutiny when he preached the gospel to the Bereans (Acts 17:11). The authors of this text, none apostolic of course, must yield to the same degree of examination. If what they say is consistent with the word of God and true -- then it must be followed -- not because they wrote it, but simply because it is Divine truth. Accordingly, this book is not intended to be a "creed" or statement of faith in addition to the word of God, but rather an explanation of what that Divine message teaches in key areas. [See foreword.]

At the time this work was published (1981) it is believed all these men stood for a singular faith and practice. Since then, some no longer preach that singular truth: some due to death, some due to the fact that they no longer preach, some due to the fact that they no longer preach the truths they once preached. No endorsement is intended of error the writers may have taught or practiced elsewhere. Questions may be directed to
TheBible.net Administrator [Disclaimer by TheBible.net administrator, not by publisher.]
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